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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ashton Kutcher will roll up as the new guy on Two and a Half Men in a ritzy, 1,200 square foot trailer called "The Heat." His on-set mobile estate features seven 60-inch TVs with satellite TV capabilities, a conference area, and a second floor that hydraulically slides out to make the bus even wider. The mansion on wheels is custom-decorated with leather, oak wood, and marble treatments giving it a "5-star luxury feel," as the company describes it.

CBS will foot the rental bill of $8,750 a week, reports Daily Mail, but if Kutcher decides he wants to own the rig, he'd have to shell out around $2 million – his reported earnings for just two episodes!

Kutcher's mega-trailer comes from the same luxury company that made Will Smith's monster trailer – the one he parked on a narrow Soho street while filming Men in Black III. (Neighbors complained the 53-foot truck emitted fumes, stalled businesses, and blocked traffic. It was eventually removed.)

TMZ reports Two and a Half Meninsiders feel Kutcher's bus is "over the top" and makes the Charlie Sheen replacement seem like a "diva." But from what we've heard, his predecessor was no stranger to drama or grandiose on-set living standards. When he was booted from Men, Sheen taped a short improv skit called "Operation Greyhound" where he devised a stealth plan to tow his "total hang out pad" out of the WB parking lot.
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