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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charlie's #1 in Cleveland (Pacific Coast News)First came boos, then came applause - now Charlie Sheen's receiving a full on standing ovation! After struggling mightily in his first live performance in Detroit a week ago, Sheen left the stage in Cleveland last night to a roar of approval.

Performing again with the help of a "moderator," TMZ reports that Sheen took the stage wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey, sending the partisan crowd into rapture, while making Charlie's failure in Detroit seem a thing of the past. In case that city of sky-high crime rates and soaring unemployment needed more coddling, the Sheenster's fans were there to help, chanting "F**K Detroit!"

Despite the crowd's approval, there were a handful of hecklers on hand, not that they posed a problem to Sheen. He sarcastically replied to one: "Leave already, I've got your money!" 

It's not all together surprising that Sheen found such praise in Cleveland, as the actor made a name for himself playing the loveable, bad-ass pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in "Major League." Is Sheen's grand slam in Cleveland a sign of things to come?