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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber (Getty Images)Looks like Justin Bieber's dream of lighting up the big screen is going to come to fruition: Mark Wahlberg of all people, plans on teaming up with the Canadian super-star to make a film backed by Paramount Pictures. 

Details on the project are limited, but New York Magazine's Vulture is reporting that Wahlberg is firmly behind the project. Lately everything Mark Wahlberg touches turns to gold. He produced the Oscar-winning film The Fighter, as well as the multiple-Emmy-winning miniseriesBoardwalk Empire on HBO. So we're confident whatever he and the Bieb do will be beautiful. 

While news of this future collaboration came as a surprise, it should be noted that Marky Mark has been a huge fan of Justin's since at least last August. "The world needs Justin Bieber," the actor said at the time. "Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac." 

For those who don't remember, Wahlberg started his career in music, rising out of the shadow of his brother Donnie and the New Kids on the Block to become a successful hip-hop singer. So maybe Mark sees a bit of himself in the boy wonder from Canada. Or maybe he just wants an excuse to sing and dance again.