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J.R. Taylor Choreography

Thursday, May 12, 2011

They say you can’t keep a good man down — and surely the same is true for a Good Girl Gone Bad like Rihanna. The sleepy beauty has released the artwork for her fifth Loud single “Man Down,” featuring zero men down, up, or otherwise — just the seafaring songstress in glorious black and white. Given that the track is a distinctly reggae-flavored jam, it’s only appropriate that the video was shot in Jamaica — though that island vibe is only somewhat present on the single sleeve (mostly because RiRi is wearing sunglasses). Check out the full-sized art after the jump.

We’d say this B&W shot — with Rihanna looking contemplative and maybe even a bit regretful in a post-trigger-pulling “oops!” moment — fits her murderess persona in the lyrics. And the rose is a nice touch.

We can only assume it’s better than anything Lil Kim would’ve come up with…