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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Justin Timberlake (Getty Images)Justin Timberlake was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, where he talked about the often awkward nature of sex, when it comes to friends, and that in terms of casual romps, he's not the biggest fan. The irony of it all was that he and co-star Mila Kunis were there to promote their new film, Friends with Benefits. 

When it comes to casual sex, JT told Ellen that it's usually a "really good idea until it becomes a bad idea." Kunis didn't offer her opinion on the matter, which could be due to the fact that Timberlake was rumored to have had the hots for the Black Swan star -- so maybe the issue was too close to home for her. 

Ellen went on to talk to Justin and Mila about the process involved in filming a sex scene, and the host was shocked to learn that JT had to wear a sock over his you-know-what. "That seems weirder than actually being naked!" Ellen said, making the 30-year-old singer blush. 

Friends with Benefits is set to hit theaters this July, giving Timberlake plenty of time to find a new girl to bring to the premiere, benefits notwithstanding.