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Thursday, August 21, 2008

As reported, Brandy filmed the video for comeback single 'Right Here (Departed)' in Los Angeles this past weekend. Peep pics snapped on set above and below.

What's more the 28 year old songstress spoke with MTV about the video, reuniting with hit maker Darkchild, launching her 'Human' LP on Oprah and more:

She has enlisted some hip-hop heavyweights, including director Little X (Usher’s “Yeah”), for the video and is reuniting with producer Rodney Jerkins for the first time in six years. Brandy insists she and Rodney have moved far beyond any past conflicts, saying, “The chemistry brought Rodney and I back together. It’s undeniable, it’s magical. … We are back, and I’m never leaving Rodney again.”

And if that weren’t enough, Human’s official launch will take place on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on November 10, the day before it drops. For Brandy, that day can’t come soon enough.

“It feels so great to be back on the scene,” she said. ” … I went through a struggle, and I really needed to get myself together and connect with my purpose, which is Music. Music is all I know how to do, so to be on this set today, I feel really blessed for the second chance and for the opportunity … and for everybody here just showing me so much love and support. … It just feels good to be back, and I never want to leave again for that long!”

On the set, Ms. Norwood’s genuine excitement to be back must have been contagious, as both Jerkins and her brother Ray J showed up to make cameos in the video. “I canceled all my plans to be here in this video, because I know how important it is to her,” Ray J said.

Brandy said that her dedicated fans are the main priority: “I just really hope the world embraces me back, because I’m embracing them with my music. I made it for them.”

Brandy's people really are not playing this go round. Everyone and their mother knows Oprah usually equals sales...well most of the time lol. After less than a week since being unveiled, 'Right Here (Departed)' has debuted on the Billboard Hot R&B Chart at #70. November 11th couldn't come sooner...