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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

According to Jeter [her publicist], the actress had returned to Turks & Caicos for a scheduled meeting with her and Misick’s lawyers in hopes to reach a temporary spousal-support agreement until their divorce is finalized. The Chi-town native believed all had gone well until she learned that Misick and his lawyer reneged on the settlement. It wasn’t until she returned to the presidential palace, where she stayed in a separate bedroom the week prior, that, for unknown reasons, she was refused entry and allegedly physically forced to leave the property, Jeter explains.

Despite reports that McCoy-Misick’s rep was also involved in the incident, Jeter denies allegations that she assaulted anyone. “I’m too grown for that,” she told “I don’t do drama and altercations unless it’s verbal, because I can mediate that.”

Since then, the first lady and premier have each released personal statements alleging that both were assaulted by individuals from the other party’s entourage. Reportedly McCoy-Misick sustained injuries, including a bite mark and visible bruises.