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Monday, August 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian's beau Reggie Bush may wear No. 25 on the football field, but he's No. 1 to her – in fact, he may be The One. "I hope so," Kardashian said after being asked if she's found Mr. Right. "I think I finally made the right choice. He's just a really sweet, normal guy." As for marriage, "we talk about it," says Kardashian. "As soon as we're done filming [Keeping Up with the Kardashians] I'm probably going to spend most of my time in New Orleans for a little bit until he's done [with the NFL season]."

The running back for the New Orleans Saints wasn't with his girlfriend Friday night as she performed with the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls inside Pure Nightclub, but he got the next best thing – a sneak preview. "I did iChat him and I had my costume on for his approval," she says. "I did my whole dance for him when I was practicing last night. He thought it was so cute. He said, 'Please videotape it so you can send it to me right after.'" As for cameras at a bigger event, say a wedding, that's still up for debate. "Without cameras," Kardashian says, before adding, "They're going to want it, so you never know." (People)

There are a lot of haters that don't accept this relationship, but by now you have to agree that this isn't a gimmick. Most people are just jealous, especially women because they secretly want Reggie themselves. So hate on haters, I say I think they make a very very good looking couple. So Kim do ya thing baby you got a keeper. And P.S. if any girl hates on you, just smile, flip your hair, and show them the ring!!!!!!!!! SAYIT!!!!