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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Justin Bieber (Getty Images)Justin Bieber has A LOT of Beliebers -- over 10 million now! The teen star reached the big number this weekend and he's thrilled, of course.

Bieber tweeted: "love u...changing my life everyday. I'm from a town of 30, u guys are 333 times my town! CRAZY!"

Lady Gaga became the first celeb to reach the 10 million mark just a couple of weeks ago, and the 17-year-old's on her heels. Right now the songstress has 10,528,641 monsters following her, while the Bieb's at 10,030,798 currently. 

Justin has had quite a huge week: He was in Hawaii with Selena Gomez smooching and jet skiing, and now this!