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Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch the 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer

Kristen Stewart (Getty Images)It's a big night for Twihards: The Breaking Dawn trailer is now online! The clip was supposed to air later in the evening at the MTV Video Awards, but it leaked hours before the big show.

And, it's official. The MTV Twitter feed posted about the leak: "Hey Twihards, totally not blaming @Twilight's awesome fans, we heart you guys. Mistakes happen...all good! Still have surprises in store :)" read the post.
So what's on the clip? Lots of juicy stuff! It shows reactions from Jacob and Bella's dad after her and Edward's wedding invitations go out, and there's even some footage of their big day, honeymoon, and -- gasp! -- Bella's pregnant belly!

The movie's stars will be on hand during the awards show tonight for more "surprises."

See the Breaking Dawn trailer here: