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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mariah Carey graces the cover of Redbook Magazine.Below is some of her interview with the mag.

What’s the theme for this year’s card?

I have to figure that out soon! I started sending cards out about 10 years ago. But “Happy Holidays! Love, Mariah” became pretty played out, so a couple of years ago I started having fun with it, playing around with images and music. I like the cartoon thing, and I think it’ll definitely be musical again–I’ve had a bunch of people tell me their kids play with the card all year long, so I guess it was a hit.

Will Nick be on the card this time?

If he wants to be. I haven’t asked him yet. He might be doing his own thing–he’s very independent, which is one of the things I love about him. But it’d be fun to do one together.

Have you and Nick talked about how you’ll celebrate Christmas this year? What do you usually do?

I’m usually working right up until Christmas, but no matter what’s going on, no matter where I am, whether it’s right after a tour or a video shoot somewhere, on December 21, I head to my house in Aspen and start celebrating! I have an extended group of friends and family from all over–as far as Sweden and the United Kingdom, even–and every year we gather in Aspen to make it the most festive Christmas ever. We try to outdo ourselves every year.
This year, in addition to everything I love about celebrating the holidays, it’s all going to be heightened because of Nick–in a really good way. I think he senses that Christmas is a big deal to me, so he’s sort of just going with the flow, so that’s cool. I’m pretty sure his family and friends will be out there too. We have to figure it out, but we’re gonna make it work!

How does the week begin?

The first thing that happens is I get off the place and get into the car, they have Christmas music blasting and a bottle of champagne ready to pop open! It sounds awful, but I’m a big kid in that way. As soon as I get in that car, I am engulfed in Christmas. I think Nick will be up for that, I really do. He’ll be laughing.

Aspen must be the perfect place for a white Christmas.

It is. Aspen is all about the snow and the environment, so it automatically puts you in that celebratory mood. I don’t really do up my New York apartment for Christmas; I save everything for Aspen. The house there is all done up with lights and bells–not over the top, but quaint. It’s like a gingerbread house. And then you open the door and the first thing you see is this enormous tree and a manger.
I started going to Aspen the year after my album Butterfly came out, and that year I collected a ton of butterfly ornaments. So every year, before we get up there, I have a woman who comes to the house and sets up what we call the butterfly tree. It’s gorgeous, all silver and gold with angels and butterflies on it and gold, silver, and white ornaments. And we have a manger set up in the front room because, to me, the season is about celebrating, about being with friends and loved ones, but first and foremost it’s about the birth of Christ, and I think it’s important to remember that.