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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adrianne Palicki (Photo Agency)Much has been made about Adrianne Palicki's debut as Wonder Woman in the upcoming NBC television series, which will reintroduce the iconic character to new audiences. Now we have our first on-set photos of the costumed heroine in action.

As first seen in the promotional photo released previously, Adrianne is in full-on Wonder Woman campiness with a skin-tight outfit that looks a little too prone to wardrobe malfunctions to be useful in fighting crime. Never fear, from the pics, it looks like the former Friday Night Lights star is having no trouble running in those bright blue leggings and her red-and-gold bustier.

As some fans have already pointed out, Adrianne is wearing a modified version of the costume that was introduced in the earlier promotional photo. This version doesn't have the super-shiny pants, and has the stars running down the sides of the legs. Also, she's now wearing Wonder Woman's requisite red boots.

The new series, put together by Ally McBeal writer and superproducer David E. Kelley, is said to be a more realistic take on the crime-fighting wondergirl, but it's hard to believe in that costume. Check out more shots of the costume below.