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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen meet Shaun Walker aka @KREASHAUN !!

It’s been a long time since the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the entertainment world has produced someone that can boast all three disciplines in equal measure to bring the world to it’s knees in admiration. Well there’s a new born that may just be the savior of the triple threat. We proudly present, KREÅSHAUN!!

Having traveled the length of the continent to the Mecca of the entertainment world that is Hollywood from VA, KREÅSHAUN awoke his God given talents and refined them.

Standing 6” 1′, possessing the charming good looks and body sculpted like a Grecian God, it wouldn’t be long before his physical presence would catch the eye of casting directors and Producers in Hollywood. His first flirtation with the cameras came on the set of a commercial for soft drinks Giant “Sprite.” Since then the love affair has continued with national commercials for “BF Goodrich”, “Best Buy” Beats by Dre and many others. The silver screen would also beckon allowing KREÅSHAUN to showcase his acting range in the 2009 Sundance movie ‘Grabbing The Sun’.

To the acknowledgement of a burgeoning star, print magazines wanted a piece of the steadily growing brand that is KREÅSHAUN, with a front cover feature on Erban Lyfe Magazine and print ad Movies Rock After Party photo shoot directed by Anthony Larrisey.
This wasn’t his only brush with modeling. For the launch of the Facebook app, Cameo Stars, he was requested to showcase that chiseled torso posing alongside the gushing Kim Kardashian. Impressed, the health & fitness market wanted a feature for their readers on how KREÅSHAUN obtained that God-like physique in 3 page spread for Krave Fitness Magazine.

Usually such a toiled attractive frame would respond in rigidness, with an absence of rhythm. This would not be the case for KREÅSHAUN. He gave the world a preview of the second threat by securing a primary dancer position in Keri Hilson’s “Slow dance” music video, Jennifer Lopez’s “On the floor” music video, dancer/model for Destiny Child’s Kelly Roland’s “Motivation” music video, attracting the attention of none other than herself Beyonce Knowles, booking a lead dancer role on her critically acclaimed ‘I AM…’ World tour which took him on a mammoth 40 plus countries around the globe. In addition Beyonce personally requested him as a lead model in her “Video Phone” feature with “Lady Gaga,” which won video of the year with over 30 million youtube hits…All of a sudden you’ll remember were you’ve seen those abs before.

Having already achieved so much more than most can imagine, to complete the trilogy bringing his talents to the wider market with the icing on this triple layered cake introducing his roar in his expression of music. The world of entertainment is about to be re-shaped into a silhouette that is…..
KREÅSHAUN!!  Remember you seen it here 1st! Say It!!!!!