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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady Gaga Is Getting an 'Egg' Bed

Lady Gaga (Getty Images)Lady Gaga made quite the entrance at the Grammy Awards this year in a giant "egg" vessel, and apparently she enjoyed the contraption so much that she's having one installed in her NYC condo! 

She's reportedly spending a few million to renovate her Big Apple pad and she wants to have an egg at home to sleep in. Forget a cozy bed! 

An insider said: "This house project is Gaga's new baby. The egg vessel is being made especially for her. She'll be able to sleep in it, in place of a double bed. She felt so a home in the egg on stage – she spent hours in it meditating and says when she's in it she feels at peace."

Apparently a team of architects, along with her friend Rick Genest and fashion director Nicola Formichetti, will help with the redesign. Reports say the condo will be decorated in her costumes and several props and keepsakes she's acquired over the last couple years.

Last month, Gaga revealed she will always live in the New York neighborhood where she grew up as she wants a "normal" life. She can do without the Hollywood party scene. She said: "I actually made a choice to keep my life pretty normal. Some point about two years ago I said to myself, 'OK, am I going to put my toe in Hollywood's pond and figure out if I want to live a glamorous life and assimilate to the glamorous lifestyle', but I really didn't want to do it." I still live where I always lived, I still hang out and drink whisky at the same bars. I still go to the same hardware store."