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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's eponymous clothing brand has become an global success. Though it could have easily gone the way of many less successful celebrity brands, Simpson's fashion empire is expected to do $1 billion in sales by the end of 2012. Jessica doesn't get to keep the cash, but she pulls in a pretty penny on royalties. 

But where does it go from here? Vince Camuto, who owns the brand's licenses, says he envisions bridal, housewares and even freestanding stores. Yes, a Jessica Simpson store could be sitting next to your local Forever 21 or Gap in no time. The key, says Vince, is Jessica is hands on for all aspects of the project. He says:
She can be at a meeting for eight, nine hours, or she can be working two to three days in a row...Jessica knows her shoes and she has quite a good following — three million followers on Twitter...The customer sees Jessica Simpson with great product, day in and day out, at a great price. That’s what makes it a success. She talks about it, she wears the product.Tell us, do you buy Jessica Simpson fashion and can you see yourself shopping at a Jessica Simpson store?