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J.R. Taylor Choreography

Friday, March 25, 2011

Over the past eight years when we first heard Jhene Aiko (pronounced Juh-nay Ahh-ee-ko) back in the B2k era, our ears yearned more from this California native. Throughout the period, fans anticipated for this R&B/Soul singer to drop an album, mixtape or something but instead, with her sultry yet soulful and poetical deliverance the various tracks Ms. Jhene Aiko blessed our speakers with. The twenty0three year old Scarlett gave us fans a pleasant surprise with a highly anticipated thriller entitled Sailing Souls which is free for download. Check it out and make sure you support this artist!

DownloadJhene Aiko – Sailing Souls (Direct link)
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All songs written by Jhene Aiko, except “July” written by Micah Powell. All songs produced by Fisticuffs, except “July” & “You vs Them” (produced by Bei Maejor), “Real Now” (produced byRoosevelt), “Do Better” (produced by J. Lbs), & “Growing Apart” (produced by Tae Beats). Album artwork by Jay 3 Photography.

Here is my choreography to my Lil' Sis Jhené Aiko "Dancefloor" Check It Out!!!