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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Victoria and Mel B (Getty)There may be trouble in Spice World.

Earlier this week, Melanie Brown revealed that she's expecting her third child, joining Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham in the ranks of the pregnant ex-Spices. On Tuesday, the performer and reality television personality tweeted, "Ahh big thanks to my spice girls mel c, geri and emma for all the baby well wishes! Love you! Xxxxx."

Notice whose name is absent from the thanks? Yeah—so did everyone else. Nevermind that Mel B followed up with, "I love and support all my spice girls always have!!!"

Maybe Mel was just responding to those who had already reached out. Victoria is pretty busy these days, what with juggling her design career and, of course, her own pregnancy. Or maybe Mel was subtly unleashing the claws. What do you think?