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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liam Gallagher (Dramatization)Can we really be surprised by things Liam Gallagher says/does anymore? The answer, apparently, is yes. In a recent interview with Spin magazine, the former Oasis singer said that people will get "arrested" if they wear clothes from Jay-Z's Rocawear fashion line. This, coming from a guy who dresses like some displaced paint spokesperson.

Gallagher, who also has a fashion line (called Pretty Green), was asked how his clothing line sizes up next to Jay-Z's. To be fair, it was a loaded question. Gallagher taunted Jay-Z back in 2008 by saying he wasn't big enough to headline the 
Glastonbury festival that year. Jay-Z responded by opening his headline set at the legendary mug-soaked event with a cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall." And as if to drive the point home, he played it again last year headlining Coachella. 

Exact quote: "You're going to be f*cking arrested wearing his gear and you're going to pull a really nice-looking bird wearing mine," Gallagher said. 

Apparently Beyonce doesn't qualify as a "really nice-looking bird".