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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Participating in the competition reality show “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” (加油!东方天使) on Dragon TV, Lou Jing (娄婧) recently became popular on the Chinese internet because of the brutal comments and attacks online over her ethnic background and her skin color.

Lou Jing and her mother showed up on the “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” program and told the viewers their story. After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sex with a black man. The black man returned back to the United States, left Lou Jing’s mother pregnant with her. After Lou Jing was born, mother divorced the original husband, alone raising this special girl. Lou Jing also expressed that the person she loves the most in her whole life is her mother. Because of Lou Jing’s birth story, soon after she and her mother were viciously insulted by the netizens all over the country.

Ever since Lou Jing made it to the top five in Shanghai district of the competition, Netizens never stopped debating over her, as she further advanced in the competition, netizens’ voices were more and more extreme. As early as August 10th a netizen named “宅男爸爸” wrote a post with the title “Posting a boring post, is it possible Lou Jing’s father is Obama?” on KDS. In this post, he endlessly mocked, made fun of Lou Jing. Soon after, more and more netizens jumped on the bandwagon of “cursing Lou Jing”. (This post is now deleted)
On August 28th, netizens’ debate over Lou Jing’s controversy grew more intensely. A netizen named “朕爱天下” posted a post with the title “Lou Jing’s American Black Father and Shanghai Mother”, attracted over 100,000 views. Many netizens viciously insulted Lou Jing’s mother in the post comments, of course others were outraged by the racist and ignorant comments, fighting back to protect Lou Jing and her mother. Below is the translation of this post and selected comments.

After Lou Jing’s mother was married, she had sexual relation with a black man. The black man went back to the United States, leaving Lou Jing’s mother with the unborn child. After Lou Jing was born, her mother got a divorce. But Lou Jing’s story did not end with her performance; her black skin became everyone’s focus. Lou Jing and her mother for the first time publicly responded to this sensitive topic. Lou Jing’s mother is from Shanghai, father is a black American. Later his father left them and never returned. Lou Jing at a young age lived in a single parent family without a father. Lou Jing is a lovely and well-behaved mother’s girl. She is always optimistic and has a positive attitude towards other’s questionable looks. Lou Jing grew up with ups and downs missing her father’s love, but was never lack of family love. Even though Lou Jing was strong, when facing her mother on stage, she shed tears of both happiness and bitterness. “Whatever dad could have taught me, mom already taught me, and she taught me better.” Tears of both happiness and bitterness are the warmth between mother and daughter and the hardships of their lives. And only they can understand each other.

Host Dai Jun (戴军) was touched by Jing Lou’s optimism. When he learned Lou Jing has the wish of finding her father, he encouraged her to look for her father, to find the missing fatherly love in her life. The headmaster of the program Chen Rong (陈蓉) also at the scene called for everybody to help her to make her dream come true.
This show not only had excellent performance, but also told the unforgettable story. “Chocolate” girl Lou Jing’s skin color lets people mistaken her for a foreigner. In fact, she is an outright Shanghai girl, and she speaks fluent Shanghai dialect. On the stage, studying under “the Yue Prince” Zhao Zhigang (赵志刚), Jing Lou sang a classic Shanghai opera piece (a famous sense from the novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”).  Teacher Zhao carefully prepared her before the competition, also confidently vowed “ I must teach her well.” The strict master produced outstanding student, Lou Jing defeated Dang Tian (唐甜), the girl from Xian going to the finals. Lou Jing not only has great talent, but also has the looks of a model. Her fashion shoot by “Mina” magazine was appraised as “the best of in class of Shanghai”.