Beyoncé - "Schoolin' Life"

J.R. Taylor Choreography

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This year, Christmas offers some starry gifts for moviegoers – an array of movies in all genres. But which flick will you be lining up for?

Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Fergie sing, dance and vamp through the musical Nine. Robert Downey Jr. teams up with Jude Law and Rachel McAdams in Guy Ritchie's action-adventure take on the classic Sherlock Holmes. If sci-fi is your genre of choice – and blizzards or crowds deterred you last weekend – there's another chance to see James Cameron's box office-topping Avatar. (And it's in 3-D!) Meanwhile, George Clooney plays a suave jetsetter with one tough job in his Golden Globe-nominated Up in the Air. And Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep play exes who rekindle their romance in Nancy Meyers' comedy, It's Complicated.