Beyoncé - "Schoolin' Life"

J.R. Taylor Choreography

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chris Brown’s fans began lining up for his Today Show performance as early as Wednesday, and by Friday morning, a bowtie-wearing Breezy had 18,000 people surrounding Rockefeller Plaza to watch his half-hour-long set for the morning show’s summer concert series. The BET Award winner kicked off with his biggest hit, “Forever”, and busted out other tracks like “Yeah 3X” and the Michael Jackson-sampling “She Ain’t You”. However, he was not interviewed by the hosts — could they have been fearful for the safety of their windows? Watch part of his set below.

Though many sites are recording this to be the largest attended performance in Today Show’s history, The New York Times reports that Lady Gaga had 20,000 of her little monsters at her performance last summer. Still, Justin Bieber only had 12,000 Beliebers at his performance, so Breezy can at least say he bested his “Next 2 U” buddy.