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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last month, Lady Gaga unveiled the music video for her single "The Edge of Glory" to the consternation of her fans. 

Absent were the bells and whistles that fans have come to expect from Mother Monster, replaced by stripped down clips of her dancing in a smoky, small cityscape. Soon after the video's debut, Joseph Kahn, the man originally slated to direct the video, distanced himself from the project by tweeting, "I did NOT direct Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' video. Lady Gaga did — I don't co-direct. One canvas, one paintbrush. Respect the art. Very simple rule with me."

Katy Perry getting her mermaid on beneath a bridgeA source close to the project said that Kahn had originally planned an elaborate piece that would feature Gaga as an enchanting mermaid.

At one point, Gaga was to swim beneath a city bridge. Which is why Gaga's fans were mighty confused last night, when Katy Perry tweeted a photo from the set of her new music video. Yep, she's gonna be a mermaid. Beneath a bridge.

So did Katy Perry "steal" the concept of Gaga's last music video?

If her next video is being directed by Joseph Kahn—with whom she worked on her "Waking Up in Vegas" video—then yes, it appears that Gaga's concept is being, shall we say, recycled. 

No big deal! There's room enough for many mermaids, right?